NULL is a little prototype game made for the 6wrni 3rd game jam , i made this game as a challenge for my self facing 3 tough obstecales : 

1 . time limit :

i only have less than 3 days for making the game , the jam is almost 4 days and i started in the second day so i only have less than 3 days 

2 . learning a new engine and use it for the first time :

 its my first time using godot , i've been using unity for 3 years , and i was corouis about learning godot so i took the challenge by learning godot and making a game by it in less than 3 days ! 

3. the hardest challenge :

 i've been through a surgery in the first day of the jam , i did a surgery for my leg and because im not being able to walk again for the next 2 months , and because i suffer the pain everyday because of surgery, so i decided to do the most thing that i love ... game dev , its my way of escaping the pain and my struggles ! 

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Tags2D, Godot, memory, Pixel Art


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The art is very nicely done, I also appreciate how the itch page is integrated with the game. The colors work well together.

The game is short but I think you have a good concept here. I think there's a lot of possibility to expand the game if you want to work on it after the jam.

Looks great Kazoya. Keep it up! 

thanks allot for this helpful kind words!


Although the game is small, The concepts were done very well!

Nice Game!



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